6 Feb

Monday…new week and January is finally over. I’m on my forth day off and London is covered in snow (or slush..but some kind of white that makes it a bit brighter). Happy days.  I have been back to Whole Foods in Stoke Newington – together with a nutritionist, and came home with loads of fun products. I have to say though, that since I wrote about Whole Foods in Stokey, I happened to visit the one in Kensington. If I love the one in Stokey, the one in Kensington is food heaven! 3 Floors filled with yummy, healthy and organic stuff.

Thinking about the differences between organic, ecological, fairtrade and homegrown, a documentary I watched a couple of years ago came to my mind. It is called Bananas!* and follows 12 Nicaraguan banana plantation workers as they are suing Dole.

It is certainly sheding a new light on global politics on food – and it does present the behaviour of multinational fruitcompanies such as Dole, Del Monte and Chiquita. After I’d seen it, I refused to buy anything else than fairtrade ecological fruit for a long time – and I can’t remember why I ever bought a massproduced fruit again. It probably had something with the price and me being a student to do… But it is so much better for yourself, for the environment and for the workers not to.

I am gonna watch this film again and hope that it has the same effect a second time, and if you want to do the same – you can rent it online on their homepage:



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